Nomad Brewing is a microbrewery in Los Angeles, California specializing in artisan IPAs, lagers, Pale Ale’s, and much more. All beers are sourced locally and brewed with the freshest ingredients, natural floral herbs, and the hoppiest hops.

When Y’all meets ‘Ope

Nomad was founded in 2020 by the creative forces of two travelers that have ventured through the world - from the Lobster rolls of Maine, through the crops of the fly-over states and finally settling out west, in the mountainous terrain, clad with taco trucks.

Alex and Hayden’s culinary inspirations are drawn from all corners of the globe and bottled into each fresh and robust beer they personally brew. If you have yet to travel or taste a Nomad, grab one and get out there!


To brew the finest brews known to man.

The Team

Alex Schmitt


Hayden Bownds